Parallel Twin Soul Songwriting Evidence: Michael & Susan

Dear Readers

I am usually a quite shy and private person. But sometimes you know you are right, and must speak up if you care. And I care about Michael Jackson, a lot, and I always will.

I have been through quite some challenges in my life, in this crazy Business of Arts. See, people in the music business, may it be professional level or beginner level in singing schools all over the world, are quite competitive. I myself have never thought really about competition, but always did my own thing, following my own inner vision.

I understand, that Michael is very famous indeed, and so, there are many people out there who are quite, how can I say, obsessed with the man. Some in a good, harmless way, other’s in a bad way. I cannot change that. And I cannot stop people from using their free will in a bad way and jealousy raging at me. But I need to do what I do, because it is simple me. That is what I do all my life, creative arts. I paint, draw, make new ideas for fashion and put that into reality, I make music and sing and dance and I love directing movies, even though I have to admit, filmmaking is the most time consuming but complete artistic expression.

I lived a few years in L.A. and was lucky enough and destined I guess, to meet Michael there. We spent some time talking about music and film visions and drawing, ancient Egypt and much more which is too much to be put into one sentence. All that is part of me, and my story, and my life.

I have been told, that some of my stories and published, copyrighted material is being attacked in some blogs and such online. I must admit I have never read into it, nor do I intend to read anything people are talking generally about Michael. Sometimes you cannot avoid it, if you receive a personal insult via contact form or such, which is quite cheap in my opinion. But honestly, I understand some people feel lonely or have any bad situation and hold on to Michael’s spirit, but it is not the right way for healing yourself. Michael can and will assist, he can be an example for you to guide the way. I am doing this work for a long time by now, and it is public work so much man be researched easily, who did what first. I don’t like when people disrespect the law or my copyrights, it’s malicious and unethical and definitely, anyone who behaves this way has nothing to do with Michael Jackson nor his very soul. Michael is in Heaven, he is not exposed to negative people any longer. It’s simple logic. If you understand anything about spirituality. We Egyptians, invented Spirituality.

I am here to do good things in Michael’s senses and I believe in myself, no matter what. Michael taught me that.

MYSTERY GARDEN (Song)  – Channeled in 2003. Live Version Unplugged, with Airton Perrone on the Guitar (Brazil)

This is the Song I was mentioning in an earlier post, the one I showed to Michael in 2007 and after, he seriously went and adjusted his old song “FOR ALL TIME” to this one. You can listen to the words, phrasing and melodies for yourself. Especially the beginning of the song, he is showing clearly how he is answering to this song of mine. I need to mention, that he and me wrote these two songs in the past before meeting, having the same thought. I also have a song called “Behind the Mask”, for example, which also turned out to be very identical with one of Michael’s. More will unfold in time.

Sending out a Major Love to all who decide to receive it. To all sweet, sweet MJ Fans out there, who have been supporting me and doing yourself great work and word to help Michael’s legacy and truth prevail, you are always in my heart and prayers. Together, we totally can make this change, I KNOW IT! So, keep the faith and the love up! 🙂

Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson with integrated ancient Egyptian "Ankh" in his New Clothes
Michael Jackson with integrated ancient Egyptian “Ankh” in his New Clothes
Susan Elsa holding Original Ancient Egyptian "Ankh" at Temple of Nefertiti
Susan Elsa holding Original Ancient Egyptian “Ankh” at Temple of Nefertiti

Note: Sorry about the kind of double meaning words, the phrasing on my song. My English wasn’t as good as now back then, when I wrote this and so, I really meant to say come TO the garden, you know. It was pretty embarassing, this English mistake in front of Michael, but he laughed hard about it, in a good way.

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