Michael’s COMPANY VISION: Kingdom Entertainment REBORN as Mystery Garden Productions

Michael has serious ideas for an own Label, so he can fulfill his dreams of animation movies like Disney, as an example.

It is the very reason I founded my Entertainment Company in 2008, to surprise Michael with a new Basis we can start on when he comes to give his last concerts in London 2009. THAT WAS WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING BEFORE HE PASSED.

And he planned to start directing his own film ideas and conquer new areas of Entertainment.

My dear Prince Al Walid, I hope you and your family are doing well and you are welcome to join Mystery Garden Productions any time as you like. Hope you will too enjoy seeing Michael’s visions coming onto the Screen. This a second try and this time around, we will make it happen.

Bio Info:

Susan Elsa is an L.A. educated Film Director and Cinematographer as well as a certified Pro Tools Operator (Sound Engineering & Studio Recording Techniques) and has had a passion for singing and Music as well all her life.

Stay tuned for the first open Spiritual Entertainment Film Project 2013!



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