CAN YOU FEEL IT? Michael Spiritual Genius & Psychic Singer

Michael is so sweet these Days. He keeps talking about the 1970’s and he showed me a lot of his life, places he visited and things he experienced during that time. Total 70’s vibe! I have to admit I like it, even though I never lived really physically myself yet in the 70’s.

Today Michael insisted I post this old Song of the Jackson 5. It is a visual vision of Michael from way back into the 70’s, and it is BECOMING CURRENT RIGHT NOW. Take a look around ya.

So, Love is united again, and all Twin Souls have a Gate to Heaven now, follow your heart and FEEL IT.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you project feelings of all these energies affecting the whole Planet and all Races right now. Michael Jackson is super famous and he did his work for a reason, for God.

Michael Jackson has been “spiritually promoted” to THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL now and he is very well. He is closer than you might think and keeps working hard I must say, on healing this Planet and helping all Souls.

Say YES to LOVE and open your heart for all the beauty God created. Heaven is where you want it to be, if you decide for it.

Compassion, Unconditional Love, Light, all these things will be a Focus in 2013.


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