“Archangel Michael’s Wedding” – The Greatest Twin Soul Love Story of all Time (BOOK OUT NOW)

“Archangel Michael’s Wedding” – The Greatest Twin Soul Story of all Times


Book Soundtrack: OTHER PART OF HIM  by Susan Elsa  & Michael Jackson in Spirit

BOOK OUT NOW!  (iBook Store, Amazon, Lulu Market Place etc.)

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Official Description

“There exists no book like this one on the planet! Susan Elsa finally opens up about her most personal story with Michael Jackson. From a near-death experience in Los Angeles to Michael’s death and return to her as a Ghost; this book contains the clearest and craziest twin soul story of all time. Having lived as Osiris and Isis in a past life in Egypt, it comes as no surprise that both today look again like siblings and Susan goes through a visible metamorphosis clearly showing Michael’s ghostly presence around her. Isis and Osiris are really back and doing it again for you all to witness and learn. The book contains comforting messages from Michael to all who love him as well as priceless information about life and beyond. Learn the truth about Michael and his twin soul Susan, their higher self and earthly missions from ancient Egypt to modern time. See the secret and disturbing truth behind Hollywood, the press and the Vatican. This book has been assisted by Elvis, Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor and more.”

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iBook “Archangel Michael’s Wedding” by Susan Elsa

Copyrighted by MGP Publishing- Switzerland  (Territory: World)

Original Announcement of “Secret Mystery Project”  – Album & More by Susan Elsa:

9th October 2011 via YOUTUBE


April 2012 via YOUTUBE

November 2012 via BJORN STREET-Author:


PARANORMAL… REINCARNATION… PAST-LIVES… spiritual channeling… Egyptian gods…  CONTROVERSY!

Recently, there has been much debate on the validity of paranormal phenomena… fiction or fact?  Truthfully, belief in the paranormal boils down to an individual’s experiences… it isn’t something that can be successfully debated or argued.  It all boils down to “What has one experienced?”  “What is truth for oneself? “  Even in the book reviews I received thus far for my novel “SECRET OF THE MUMMY”, there
has been much heated debate on the paranormal versus the accuracy
of historical fact! 

Many-a-wise man has expressed the need to respect the beliefs and values of others.  To quote High Priest Ani, “It all begins with goodness in the heart.”

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very interesting, dramatic, and cinematic video by Susan Elsa that has been immersed with controversy, and confronted with intense persecution and harassment, as well as praise in the spiritual community since the day it was released.  Does it speak of divine truths?  Are reincarnation and spiritual channeling, fantasies found only in books?

Check out this video!”

Bjorn Street– Author of “The Secret of the Mummy”

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