Michael Jackson’s Real Twin Soul: Elsa TV Interview 2009

Michael Jackson’s Real Twin Soul: Elsa TV Interview 2009- Out of Body Phenomenon Link ABC TV Australia:

Elsa in Aswan (IsIs Temple)
Elsa in Aswan (IsIs Temple)

The real IsIs from ancient Egypt is back!

Garden Eden 777

Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009 (ABC TV)- Out of Body Experiences

 Dear World

This Link below goes directly to the official Website of ABC TV Australia and Susan’s Interview with their famous Science Show “Catalyst” about Out-of-Body Experiences

Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009- ABC TV Australia’s “Catalyst” Science Show

Interview filmed:                          November 2009
Interview aired on ABC TV:        February 2010

                                           Unique Spiritual Twin Soul Pop Art by Susan Elsa  ©

Switzerland has a proud scientific history. It boasts the largest number of Noble Prizes in the world, per head of population…Albert Einstein did his PhD here in Zurich. But I’ve come to find out about…out-of-body experiences!

 –Graham Philips, Host of ABC TV’s Catalyst Science Show-

In a personal Interview at the beginning with Camera’s off, deciding what is going to be filmed…

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