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Kirilian Camera Experiment COMING SOON!  (Feat. Michael Jackson’s Ghost)


Many, many people have came and went in the past few years; some in a friendly or at least open, curious manner, other’s in a more “unbalanced” manner.

It is understandable, that some of our topics evoke strong feelings in people out there. But some people tend to forget, that ENTERTAINMENT Productions are NOT meant on a personal level toward STRANGERS, naturally and  logically. Some Artists go and copy others, repeat things and make some money for a short while. Other Artists care deeply about THE ART. It gives something to their soul deep inside.

I have always been that way, an Artist through and through. I could feel the Music flow through my blood and when I thought of not singing at any moment, it felt depressing and like “I have no air to breathe”. I breathe Music and Melodies my whole life. Film integrates Music & Film. Books are the foundation of any movie script and I care for ORIGINAL stories. I put my very soul into my art and am not a new Artist, but in fact one that is working and battling also the manipulations and shallow productions of the business today. I have had professional problems that influence my life and existence, with the Music Industry since the age of 16.

The problem has ALWAYS BEEN them comparing me to Michael Jackson, even though I never understood nor could see, how they could ever compare me, shy Egyptian girl, to this Genius. I always had so much deep respect for HIS WORK and his dedications.

I literally and for real suffered all my life, being treated like “I am a Mirror of Michael Jackson”. People who dislike him, would let it out on me at school, mock me and bully me as if trying to hurt my soul with negative-toned comparisions regarding my face and skin becoming lighter or my sun allergy I had. My whole life details went parallel to Michael’s and I never had any romantic feelings toward him at all! 

Today I am doing well and able to bring out the physical strength and mental strength to keep up my professional work and career efforts. I don’t care if the whole wide World is against me or in jealous rage some at times when seeing my work or reading my stories or books, I have whatsoever NEVER heard the words ” TWIN SOUL” in my life, before Michael told me directly in my face as a “Ghost/Angel” standing in front of me in my living room in Switzerland coming in from the right corner, manifesting in clear form before my very eyes. This is not a situation or facts open for discussions with STRANGERS. It is the way it is. Michael has his own soul, free will and life, even beyond and this is between me, him and God only. My privacy is not a platform for society opinions about my SOUL. I only said it for teaching reasons, for spiritual work and helping the Planet, because Michael said so. I wanted to take it to the grave, but he guids my work and I trust him.

Archangel Michael: Fighter against Lies, Injustice & Evil
Archangel Michael: Fighter against Lies, Injustice & Evil


To make it clear once and for all: Archangel Michael battles lies. He does not stand by and watch innocent crime victims who never did anything to anyone, get bullied and hurt. Do you think Archangel Michael or even his earthl Incarnation, Michael Jackson, would approve of mocking and USING a near death experience by poisoning and such things against the victim? Do you think if, let’s say, a woman experiences repeated disrespect towards her rights, Archangel Michael would approve of words attacking a self defence of an innocent Artist? If you do, you don’t know/remember Michael well or at all. Did you forget all HE went through right before your very eyes?

I don’t know what is happening with people, but it is typical: The good ones show their truth, the bad ones show their truth when they sense the Archangel Michael energy of truth. Lies will crumble more and more now, just lean back and watcht the show. I will keep ignoring these strangers and focus on my work and fun productions. A real person does not talk or attack other’s online for no reason, mocking their health problems that are directly connected to Michael’s and his passing. You want to claim that you are ME by yourself, without like in my case Mike teaching you directly with his voice a new word diectly initiated into HIS SOUL TRUTH by GOD HIMSELF: Okay, prove it. Because I can and I will. 😉

I can imagine, the way we all saw crazy obsessed Fans in our life time, running after the man and screaming his ears off, scratching him or even hitting him and injuring him from blind obsession and “love”, that this is a situation some fans want to force themselves into not even meaning anything bad. And also, Michael’s enemies from the Music Industry still working hard to cover up his truth, true messages, what he planned before they killed him in L.A. I think it is very suspicious, in an upfront way and also in a spiritual way especially, when someone harasses another with health issues and a near-death experience connected to Mike: I am pretty sure something IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO PUBLICLY HARASS ME since 2010, when I started to publish our label’s productions based on things me and Michael had planned in L.A. before his passing! Very suspicious, to be mocking a crime victim. I think even that they fake accounts posing as MJ Fans and try to manipulate others, the Internet is filled anonymous crap.

As if Michael’s Twin Soul “does NOT know life challenges, physical issues or such pains”. Uh, wait a minute, I thought you understand what the term TWIN means. One and the same Soul. That means sharing same angers, pains, frustrations, tribulations, trials, pressures, sadness, health issues, jealousy attacks, rudeness from negative people who get angry at you for smiling and being happy, music, dancing, some tkind of talent at least. Can you see the false information now spread by the System? They try to “TALK AWAY all of Michael’s struggle and take over his Soul for white spiritual stories”, as if all is forgotten and his words buried . That would make me a very unfaithful and cold wife, no? A wife defends her man, she throws herself even into the worst dirt to protect her husband, out of LOVE. She even puts her vulnerable heart out there opening up serious stories that go into deep privacy, to defend her man. Someone that really loves from the soul, especially Archangel Michael, is automatically a DEFENDER OF TRUTH JUST LIKE HER TWIN SOUL MICHAEL.

I cannot allow this, I am him, he is me, our soul is one again as I stated in my channeled Song in April 2010 already. Channeled with him.

We are not talking about Joe from the Construction Site, we are talking here about MICHAEL JACKSON.

That is a dangerous situation, when it comes to truth. The efforts to cover up this UNIQUE STORY/ situation are intensifying, ranging from a fraud Artist from America posing as the innovator of my new Music Genre I created over 7 Years battling this lameness in Music Business and Record Labels (since 2010/2011 using rudely our concepts and copyrighted Music work!) and they have so much money, they can pay anyone to make fake accounts, harass, lie, hack, spy, bully, terrorize, manipulate MJ Fans in this situation so they are “mobbed away from true knowledge” and never find out what happened really to Mike to help us.

But I believe God can make all things possible and the truth will prevail. I believe in the good MJ Fans out there, their hearts and souls who carry lots of love and compassion. I know how much you helped Michael when he was accused falsly and Michael will always remember that. You rescued him back then, in that first accusation in 1993. He read many letters you sent in that time, and it gave him strength to keep going and know, you BELIEVE IN HIS INNOCENCE AND TRUTH.

I hope that this also counts for his Twin Soul, for together as ONE VOICE we can get heard and make a real difference saying “NO” to lies and manipulations. The media needs to change. The press laws, Internet laws. The Music Industry needs to change and heal. Hollywood. This all influences so many people, and that influence must be healthy and positive.



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