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Officially Distributed Promo Text (Radio), July 13th 2010:

Susan Elsa channels LIVE Archangel Michael!

Coming into her Dreams 7 Years ago and then fully into her life, Susan Elsa created this Special Edition with the guidance and support of Archangel Michael and dedicates this Special Audio Story to God and all of his Archangels in Heaven.


Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777  (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)

Note: Susan Elsa had to publish this important spiritual Message and channeled Songs in the midst of a hacking war on July 13th 2010. She was still working with her Twin Soul, Michael, on channeling the whole music production, from composing to letting Michael direct and move her body as a channel for the lyrics and literal message. To protect the copyrights from theft, she ran within 6 Days, took an old childhood drawing she had made of Michael sensing his soul before sleeping back then, and put the present on it with title. So this Cover contains the PAST & THE PRESENT. No more need to be said. In Mike’s words: Let the work and publishing dates speak for itself!

Information summarized  from Book “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”

Susan Elsa in Egypt (NOV 2010): Healing Work with Michael for the Planet
Susan Elsa in Egypt (NOV 2010): Healing Work with Michael for the Planet

Image: Egypt, November 2010: Michael (Osiris) and Susan (IsIs) performing secret, in pop music disguised spiritual and magical work for Egypt- less than 2 months before the Egyptian Revolution. More Music from original pharaonic Temples and spiritual Messages in Pop Music can be found on Susan’s Album with the title:

“I REMEMBER” -Dec 21st 2010

Original Distribution Link with official Promo Radio Text, and LISTENING SAMPLES!


DREAM PREMONITION 2003- Susan Elsa is shown Archangel Michael’s real Identity by God directly to prepare for his transition in 2009. The very next day a complete stranger, a gym coach (Mr W. Elsener from Zurich/Switzerland, Ex Police Officer and Gym Owner), comes up to her and says:

“ARCHANGEL MICHAEL WANTS TO HELP YOU! But you are so stubborn, he cannot force his help on you. You have to allow him to help you. Just ask him and he will help you!”

Music, Books, Films and much more coming powered by our main partner, the Archangel Michael himself, which never fails to protect truth and love against all hacking attacks and lies. Thank you for being here, Michael.

The Truth will prevail and run a marathon like you have never seen before.

– Michael 2013-

IsIs    = Susan Elsa   = Archeia Faith  (Female Twin Soul Side)

Osiris  = Michael Jackson   = Archangel Michael (Male Twin Soul Side)

“Everyone has the other Half somewhere, in the Universe, waiting. Always connected to the Light of your Heart”

-Excerpt Song Lyrics  “Key to Heaven” by Susan Elsa on CD “Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven”-, July 13th 2010

“King of the Sun, Queen of the Moon, let in my Garden always be JUNE. King of the Sun, Queen of the Moon, don’t let THIS LOVE end very soon.”

-Excerpt Song Lyrics  “Mystery Garden”

Written and Composed & Registered in 2003 in a Premonition at a Lake in Nature. This Song led later in 2008 (08/08/08) to the founding of Mystery Garden Productions, which’s role model is Motown Records as well as Walt Disney Productions.

Susan Elsa in Egypt, Nov 2010
Susan Elsa in Egypt, Nov 2010

Legal Note:

All our Label’s products officially published a long time ago, are copyrighted and we reserve the right to take legal steps against anyone freely and without citation of the original copyright holders, abusing our artistic messages, product contents or any copyrighted intellectual, physical or spiritual property connected to our artist’s personal information or public image.


Someone, again, hacked my private computer and this very blog and tried to mess up titles and the content. Gee, I wonder who that is while I am being harassed by people who want to damage multiple legal rights I own? The computer is now being analyzed, if we find you we will sue you, enough is enough. Show some respect for Michael and for people you don’t know. Actually, some people harass me and insult me and mock my health problems due to a criminal attack on my life in Los Angeles. Michael PASSED. His SOUL is none of your business, not any obsessed female fans who never met the man in person, not Hollywood or any profit-making machinery, and also and especially not the Vatican. Michael owns his own soul and FREE WILL. He does what he wants to now and your lies won’t change the fact, that he is now with me. You disrespect me  = Michael drops you immediately.

Twin Soul Law is very simple:

You insult me  = you insult Michael

You insult Michael or spread lies about him as before  = You insult me and hurt my soul with him

You make fun of my face  (as an MJ Fan, seriously???)   = You are no better than tabloids who mocked the man’s face


You harass me and laugh about health problems I have due to a POISONING  =  You are no better than Dr. Murray, Mottola, Chandler, Sneddon and all evil devils

And generally, if you direct nasty racism toward me, Michael wants nothing to do with you.

I so don’t care if you like it or not, if you APPROVE or not, because you don’t mean anything compared to GOD’S WILL. The devil is DONE, and your little last venting won’t change the healing course of this planet.

God is the creator of this Universe, NOT YOU. God made Twin Souls, NOT YOU. God connects Twin Souls and facilitates changes in body, soul and creativity, NOT YOU. God made Michael, NOT YOU. God gives permission for each soul to travel back or not, NOT YOU. God gave each one free will and it is forbidden to attack the free will of another, THE DEVIL DID THAT-think before you speak to strangers and insult and hack computers and go to a Psych to check yourself, this is not normal or humane behavior and has NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson or his Role Model of Love and Respect! Besides, it is against any law worldwide, to be harassing a crime victim, it is sad, just sad if you are like this, you got some serious karmic issues with God, and Anubis/Archangel Azraeel, trust me.

After someone passes, the soul is directly under GOD’S LIGHT, anything that takes place after is sacred and private and only the soul is allowed to speak about it’s own experience. ANYTHING else is a direct devlish act, just like in the famous Adam &Eve story. The snake/devil did not try to turn them against God. He tried to SEPARATE THEM, knowing what holds them together IS GOD. You understand? We are working here since 3 years on breaking false information about twin souls to help people, me  and my team as well as many other’s who joined with their publishing companies, science projects and so forth. It is SO OBVIOUS how you try to cover up this info and turn “Twin Souls” into a CASH MACHINE OR EARTHLY THING. It is not. A real twin soul would NEVER go out and talk and talk without PERFORMING, without SHOWING, without LIVING the twin soul work for the planet around 2012. Twin Soul’s are magical, they can literally influence mass consciousnes and planet consciousness with their love-making.

Trust me, this life does not last forever and once we all meet again at the Gate of Heaven/Paradise, you will wish that now in retrospective, you showed respect and compassion. It is not even about that only, but if you don’t know anything about psychics or paranormal research, factually not insanely, then don’t go insult strangers on the Internet doing their work. If you have any sense or connection as, for example, soul family of Michael which are MANY male and female, it will show. Many wonderful MJ Fans are reaction in sweet ways, in fact, me and Michael did help already quite a few people since 2010, which is the purpose. The purpose is not sex or desire. The purpose is SPIRITUAL WORK FOR THE PLANET, NOT TALKING. Things like we did for Tunisia /Egypt in Winter 2010, to resurrect the mind/soul of the Arab people triggering the Arab spring. THAT is what Twin Souls DO, not talk.

Don’t forget, Archangel Michael enforces the laws of God and Justice. That means, your truth comes out in front of me if you want it or not. Some fans are seriously no fans at all, because I clearly remember that it was you by the way, that also mocked Michael’s face as a teenager when he had acne and changed a lot. Totally fixated. Some fans said once IN FRONT OF MICHAEL SO HE COULD HEAR IT, when he was a Teeny:

“That tall guy over there? Nooo, that cannot be Michael, Michael is not so ugly.”


And btw, Michael states clearly over and over that he only used dark haired women in his romantic songs/clips. Even Lisa had her hair darkened for a particular reason when she was with him. Michael also stated publicly to have had a huge crush on Diana Ross and he was willing to give her HIS CHILDREN in case his mother cannot take care of them. You all don’t even know who Blanket’s mother is and Michael spent years studying Arabic Culture, Spirituality, Islam and more in our lands after being fought in devlish, evil and racist ways in America.

Michael says, more and more black women are alone, even single mothers raising kids alone, while the black man go and marry white women. This is a big issue in the WESTERN World, such reactions do never happen from Asia, Arabia and Africa or even Australia or Latin America. ONLY NORTH AMERICANS AND EUROPEANS behave this spiritually negative, having actually generally not much spirituality or interest in all of this in their societies.

I have here something of an old friend, which is forgiven by Michael now for all past mistakes. It is always good to focus on healing and forgiving, if possible. Bob Jones was for a very long time Michael’s personal Manager and Vice Pres of MJJ Productions, when Michael founded it to make his own Company and succeed with it producing OTHER ARTISTS.

In Bob Jones’ own words about Michael and his “Fame Situation”:

“Because I’m aware and a believer in the system … when you sit back and know that you can take the president and our mayors and our governors and put them all in a stadium together, and you can’t draw 20,000 people, and to see a black man draw these kind of people, I became frightened, because I know how this system operates.”

Now for the prophecy.

They are frightened. The system becomes frightened if they see a black man with this kind of power, and especially a black man that they don’t have total control over. That they have not given a white woman and who doesn’t have the white babies and the monies going back into the white system. A black man who is basically clean, that they can say nothing about, who neither smokes nor drinks.

“The system is not ready to conceive of this and who ( Michael) is like a pied piper to white youth. Who if he decides to make a statement or take sides in situations, I’m sure the same system would remove. It becomes detrimental to what the system in America, in the world, is all about. Nobody but the Pope has followings like this.”

Citation Bob Jones from Website Link VINDICATING MICHAEL:


And now, some white people fight his ARAB TWIN SOUL? So obvious, use your brain and think about it.