Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple
Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple

MICHAEL JACKSON’S TWIN SOUL IS AN EGYPTIAN GIRL- “Spiritual Pop Art Drawing”- C.D. (Channeled Drawing) © Unique Concept based on Psychic Skills since Birth


“The system is not ready to conceive of this and who ( Michael) is like a pied piper to white youth. Who if he decides to make a statement or take sides in situations, I’m sure the same system would remove. It becomes detrimental to what the system in America, in the world, is all about. Nobody but the Pope has followings like this.”

-Citation Bob Jones- from Website VINDICATING MICHAEL at:





  1. Black people who are friends may use these kins of black words between each other as a kind of joke.Dont read too much into it.Especially not Michaels feeling about his race.When used the ambiance is jokular and friendly between blacks.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and for the additional information about St. Michael’s Day. Much Love & Light to you! If we talk about my baby, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white. Love knows actually no color in the ultimate spiritual reality.

      Thank you also for your constructive feedback and bringing in your perspective into this matter. Big Hug 777

      1. Hi I’m in a confused state in life right now and just two weeks ago I started listening to MJ and started to obsessed over all
        His songs again! I have not done that since I was maybe 12-13. Anyhow somehow I have been printing out his pictures and songs and started thinking I’m decoding messages. Well I’ve been meditating a lot more since I have been able to channel spirits and been working with a mentor, so I decided (for practice) to channel my favorite human MJ! He came to my channeling and has not left me ever since. Everytime I meditate he comes in that space – it is a bit too much for me at times. I fee so much sorrow when I look at his videos, look at his picture and when I think about him. I thought maybe I’m just now grieving the lost of my first true love when I was young and I never dealt with it completely. I figured if I grieve and go through the process then he would be able to go and not come to my mediation space (not that I’m complaining 😊) I love MJ.
        On further note, I have been practicing on retrieving my Akashic record and Michele appears in it every single time! 😳 before that I channeled him as Archangel Michael! And I was so surprised!! I don’t understand what is going on – or why he is always showing up – I love that he is but I don’t know if I am bothering him 😖…
        When I meditate I also keep getting a Hawk- then I keep pushing the question and I get Hawk eye. I thought it was for a native guides name, but I’m not sure.
        Sorry such a long message i was really looking for help cuz I feel like I’m going insane through the process of acension and when I type in Archangel Micheal and or Osiris – cuz I thought he would be both cuz I also just watched his Will you be there performance and saw the depiction of Isis! So I thought- since I have been reading up on Ancient Egypt Kemetic and just trying to educate myself with different historical events. It is all crazy how I would see something then I would see another thingy and I feel like it relates to each other…
        Not sure of what you think of this- but I cannot find anything else that can relate to what I’ve been experiencing – except for you! All the stuff you’ve mention came close to almost all I have been running in to!😟thanks in advanced.

      2. Dear Sherry, I understand what you are going through. I can help you sort through this. Lets talk in private though, to protect your privacy also, email me please to: info@mystery-garden.com, much Love & Light and keep up the good work, you are definitely on the right track and Michael will always, never getting tired, help you 🙂

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