Dear World

I have already spoken with a friend about this, but now it seems best to publish my Dream for it is very important to Elvis to have this statement out.

On the night of the 7th February 2013, I went to bed to sleep as usual.Image

(Original Drawing by Susan Elsa  2013)

As usual, my twin soul, Michael, took me out of body since we had some spiritual work to do in higher spiritual realms. This time though, it seemed very far away, not earthly, like a trip to heaven.

Suddenly we were in a very serious meeting with Elvis Presley and I could see clearly Michael sitting next to me holding sometimes my hand during the meeting, sometimes putting his hand on my leg a bit. Elvis was sitting in front of us on a white chair and it seemed to be his heavenly home we were having this meeting in. His home in heaven of course, not on earth.

I cannot tell all of the discussion we 3 had, because some of it is private and about internal business we did not publish yet, we are working on very special projects for you since 2010.

But one thing:

As I was waking up, going back into my body, I could still hear a clear name echoing from the above conversation: “Linda Thompson”

I opened one eye as I was waking up and typed her name into my phone as a note, so I don’t forget it.

Elvis said in that moment last thing I remember, only the following:

“Linda Thompson, I was really with her…” and I could sense his feelings, but he said no more. His feeling was showing a sense of betrayal, a sadness and I perceived a feeling of “lot of things being talked”.

I had no clue who this person is, and so I asked my friend Darrin Lee. He knows all about Elvis’ life that you possibly can know through research and more, and he wrote some serious Elvis books. He informed me that she dated Elvis from 1972 to 1976 and started talking bad about him after his death.

I went to research it a bit and found horrible news about some new book she seemingly wrote, totally backstabbing Elvis.

So now I will say this for Elvis:

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are nothing but a parasite, first pretending to care about Elvis in his most vulnerable time after Priscilla and up until right before his death. Then you befriend his daughter (and Elvis cares to PROTECT his daughter) and suddenly, you go out and spread horrible lies about a man that passed in 1977, a long time ago?

As he is resting in heaven and his daughter went through so much, you had his love, his trust, his time, Linda, you go lie about this pure legend like a street girl looking for money?

This is sick and I have no respect for people who behave like this. You can make excuses for the rest of your life dear Linda, but I see right through you and trust the original source of information, which is Elvis himself.

To all the Fans out there: I hope you don’t buy her book or give it any attention. And I too, I promise we will do all we can to neutralize these lies and focus on the wonderful Elvis that he really was and still is. Elvis protected me several times from sexual harassment during a music production in 2010, and I can tell that he has none of that aggressor stuff in him as she claims. Elvis was a shy guy and had lot of respect for women, because he grew up respecting and loving his mother more than anything else, more than most people out there Elvis loved his mother.


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