Drafting Heaven- A direct Message Book channeled with ELVIS

Mystery Garden’s MGP Publishing presents the first Mystery Book, independent and honest.

The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll – Elvis’ Message from Heaven, is a new type of E-Book, fully channeled with the direct help of “the King” himself in May 2010.

Additionally, specialized Elvis Presley Book Author, Darrin Memmer, will be adding the “earthly” Facts and Research in Part 2 of the Book.

The bridging Chapter called “All Ways lead to Memphis” will be a special Chapter of channeled Drawings, made by Susan personally drafting Elvis’ spiritual Appearances the way she experienced it.

Book will be available starting from August 16th 2012 as an E-Book on Amazon, and further international Download Portals for Books. Translations into many Languages following.

Copyright 2010-2012:
Susan Elsa
Mystery Garden Productions/ MGP Publishing
Darrin Memmer *LEE*

MUSIC: ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) – Instrumental Version
Published on: 14th April 2010