“Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970’s”

Dear World

Today’s post will be a special analysis of the legendary Elvis Presley and his complex design in clothes and hidden, artistic messages.

Every artist should be creative, think of new ideas which support his artistic work, including symbols, colors, dance steps and much more. Elvis, was one of the most charismatic personalities ever in show business.

The above shown channeled drawing (C.D.) out of the ebook “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven”, which was published August 29th 2012, is showing a very familiar image of “The King”.

From the legendary Hawaii concert, in which Elvis wore this cape the first time, one has to look closer at this unique idea. I have seen about 3 weeks or so ago, the very first time in MY life (born 1982) this cape worn by Elvis in this style. I thought, wow, okay. Elvis looks a bit like “IsIs” from ancient Egypt in that wing-type of pose.

Then, I looked deeper into it and seen a live video of the concerts I haven’t known yet, and then I saw it clearly:

Elvis would fall quickly on ONE knee and hold up as fast, the cape up like it’s wings! The exact pose I have experimented with in my past videos, wearing IsIs type clothing, self- made.

Nov. 2010, channeling Songs in Egypt
Susan Elsa “Women of the World” 2011

In this moment I realized, that Elvis channeled IsIs in the later years of his life. He must’ve loved ancient Egyptian mythology for sure! A new puzzle came together.

And then…

I added simply the “dot dot dot” together *big smile*, and had an interesting new perspective to share with you guys reading this. Check this out:

Osiris Un-Nefer & Horus

( channeled drawing message from the ebook “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven,   Published: August 2012 by MGP Publishing)


(That would be Horus, the son of IsIs)

If you want to dive deeper into these fun ideas, I suggest you read the first draft of the message in ebook format, directly from lulu marketplace at:


Official Book Cover by Eli Ziv

All images shown in this article are copyright 2010, 2011, 2012: Susan Elsa, Eli Ziv, Mystery Garden Productions/MGP Publishing. For contact information please visit (incl. any inquiries)

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