MAGIC EGYPT SONG: ISIS IS BACK! 2010-2012 Revolution of Pop!

Susan Elsa documents her Travel to Egypt in Nov. 2010, where she worked on magical and very spiritual Pop Songs, channeled with the Help of the most known Names of Ancient Egypt.

The Song not only is a 5 Minute ONE TAKE channeled Vocal Recording, in Freestyle no Pen no Paper Rhyme Fashion, but contains serious Hints about the Effects on Egypt through the Return of IsIs.

“The Egyptian Resurrection, is grabbing you right, showing you right, that IsIs IS IS back.” Lyrics IsIs Song from “I REMEMBER”

Shortly after, Egypt stands up in Union and the whole World is surprised and amazed…it’s a Mystery!


Dear Readers out there

It’s about 3 Years soon,  that this Planet has to get along without Michael- physically. In these about 3 Years now, we heard lots and lots of TALK about Michael Jackson, mostly from People who never spoke up before he passed, stood by his side, nor even liked him.

I myself, remember clearly how Michael felt alone, extremely alone. It seemed popular for the whole Business, to bash him for Years, and make Fun of him too. This is the reason why I felt like speaking up about some things,  that are super important to Michael.

First of all, Michael Jackson reached EVERY IMAGINEABLE Success with Music possible. You cannot do more than a Michael Jackson- in MUSIC.

Michael thought a lot, in the last couple Years of his Life, about how to TOP his own Creations and Success, he was the biggest Challenge- to himself. When asked in rare Interviews publicly, who he would like to work with, he always would answer with Names of PASSED ARTISTS-and very genius Artists who can compare to his Genius. Barely any Artists alive interested him to work with, and that is a FACT. More about that, will unfold naturally by God’s Hand in the Future and the Truth will prevail.

*Picture of Susan Elsa above, November 2010, Egypt, Nefertiti’s real Temple at Abu Simbel- take a close Look at the BG!*

Now, what might a unique Artist like Michael have planned for his Future? Music?

The answer is clear and simple: NO!

He told all of you, again, publicly, that his planned “This is it” Concerts will be THE FINAL CURTAIN CALL! He wanted to sing the Songs, which the World and his Fans loves the most, and say Good-Bye to Music, to start a completely New Life. Of course, Music would’ve always been Part of Michael, but what he planned was to take his Work further.

MICHAEL JACKSON PLANNED TO DIRECT MOVIES- and he started preparing and studying Cinematography and Directing and Animations Basics in 2007, in Los Angeles, in private and secret. He even managed to return to L.A. without that the Press notices, at first. Good Times, Good Times…

To go even deeper into Mike’s Secret Dream and Plans, I would like to tell you now all, what his Motivation was to think seriously of becoming a Film Director:

Around 1990’s, Michael was thinking very deep about a particular Topic: The History of Blacks in Africa and especially Ancient Egypt. He wanted to make a new kind of Film, very spiritual, and with Black Actors portraying the Pharaos. Hollywood turned their back on him in unexplained Ways, cut Contact so to speak, and then Michael made the Song and Clip, with his idea in MINI MOVIE FORMAT:


By the way, the ONLY Time he ever kissed directly any female Actress on Screen, was in that Clip, when he kissed Nefertari/ Nefertiti with the Pyramids in the Background.

Not even to mention his special and unique Music Film “MOONWALKER”. I love this Film, it is the first thing I ever seen of Michael at the Age of 5, and I wanted to become like him when growing up from that Moment on.

From Childhood on, Michael has always been a HUGE Fan of Hollywood, he always adored Movies and for that reason also, invited Elizabeth Taylor to his Concert in the 80’s, after reading a lot about her and being a Fan his whole Life basically. We all know, they became great Friends afterwards. Marlon Brando, was another close Friend of Michael, which privately gave Michael serious Acting Lessons for his planned Entry into the Film Business. Michael had lots of Actor and Film Director Friends.

It is definitely important, to become a good Film Director, to also know a little bit about Acting in front of the Camera, to be able to guide the Actors on the Set. Michael, of course, always had a natural and genius Talent as an Actor, he could make you believe anything- his Eyes are so expressive like no one else! Unfortunately, the World did not have enough Time, to witness Michael’s great Acting Skills fully, nor any full Film directed by Michael’s Mind.

If Michael would still be here physically, he would definitely make his secret Dream come true, to make Films and Animated Films, like Disney. He always felt like Music, by itself, is not whole, not complete, and therefore, made his Mini Movie “THRILLER”, and many more, connecting Song and Visual. I know that Michael would’ve made the greatest, most visionary Films of all Times, because Michael has greater Ideas than anyone else on this very Planet. I know, it’s a bold statement, but it’s true.

Of course, I do believe in Miracles. I have experienced them,  in increasing Ways in my own Life. I believe God can make anything possible, with all my Heart and Soul. I trust in God, with all I AM.

Let’s see what the Future will bring and what Mysteries are still going to unfold further…

It’s really ALL about LOVE,

Susan Elsa  777

This Article is copyrighted by Susan Elsa & MGP Publishing and can be distributed with Credit to the Author



After a long Evaluation of the Situation, I decided to write out a bit of my Observations and Experiences regarding today’s Pop Music.

Music is my Passion, and so Music is the Passion of many, many wonderful People out there, of all Nations and Cultures- it is a global Passion connecting Humanity. That is why, I thought it would be interesting and important, to take a deeper Look:

First of all, what is Pop Music? Which Genre is it? When did it start or who “invented” it?

Very important Questions, and a very simple Answer here coincidently.

Pop Music means simply POPULAR Music. It cannot be defined exactly by Genre, it is more like a flexible Mix of other Genres, building Works who are popular in a wide Range on Tastes of People, Countries, simply Mainstream Music generally speaking, you could say.

There is ONLY ONE King of Pop Music, and he is the only One also who did INVENT this whole Style and Direction, for God’s sake, he is the One, Michael Jackson, who even made American Music POPULAR OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES! There has been no such thing as global, mainstream Music before MICHAEL JACKSON, that is seen as popular by all kinds of different People, Black and White, Arab and Jewish, Asian and European alike.

And there is YET only a KING of Pop…

Okay, now that we cleared that up, we want to get to the next Topic, which is how Songs are written and composed:

Obviously, the word CHANNELING is very wide-spread now when you take a Look at Google Search Results, and it is also being used in all kinds of uneducated, wrong ways. So, what is channeling? What happens when someone channels?

To make one point very clear before we begin: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHANNELING ANOTHER LIVING HUMAN BEING! They have a Body/Vessel/Channel and can speak or take Action anytime. There is no such thing, as one Artist channeling another Artists, who is still alive. And if they really tried, it would be a direct attack on the Aura and Life Force of this living Body and Person and such, does not work in “white Magic” ways…only black Magic.

Do you remember, we all have at some Point in our Life, taken a look at some strange Movies, who happened to come on coincidently on TV, or seen a Book Cover or similar, about Voodoo, Black Magic and such Genres, right?

Then, you can find a lot of Prejudice in Society, regarding what a Voodoo Priest does, and how they LET A SPIRIT/GHOST/DEMON or whoever, possess their Bodies. It is called INVOCATION, and means to INVOKE a Spirit into your Channel/Vessel/Body or at least close to it. We all might have seen “unrealistic” voodoo- shaking-style Scenes like that at some point. (Btw, Witch Oujia Boards work with the same Methods and should never be used especially by Teenagers, in the best case. Please stay away from these Games and Experiments!)

When you do it, outside of yourself, it is called EVOCATION. That is more the Case, when let us say, 10 to 20 People stand around a Circle, where some Rituals is performed, and then call on an Energy or Spirit, but without offering A BODY to be used as a Vessel.

Now, what does this have to do with our Topic, God vs. Satan in Pop Music? It’s simple.

Today, and also 20 or 40 Years ago already, the World has lived in Duality. It is quite natural, to have BAD hearted People on this Planet, as well as GOOD hearted People. There are special and bright-light Souls, and there are Souls, who are pretty dark inside. All exists, and everyone has a free Will, to be who they want to be, work on themselves or not.

This naturally had a big Influence on the Music Business in general, with Pop Music just being the “Front Man or the Lead Singer of the Show”. Just like we do have good People and bad People selling things in Stores,  handing you Pop Corn in a Theatre or fixing your Car when necessary.

Now, allow me to show you some “Secrets” hidden in direct Sight.

More and more “Artists” come out now, around 2012, claiming to CHANNEL their Songs, to be writing a Song together with a Spirit or similar. Btw, it is quite interesting to note, that this increased heavily since we published before any American modern Artists, in 2010, our channeled Spiritual Pop channeling ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- for which we got anonymously hacked all over the Place in 2010!

So, what do you think it means, to put Horns on your Forehead and claim to channel some Spirit?

It means, that you are trying or ARE CHANNELING THE DEVIL  – SATAN  – LUCIFER  –

One can check, if not sure, by taking a close Look at THE EYES of a Person claiming to do so, when the Eyes are darkened and seem to “pull you in” or make you afterwards feel “sucked dry”- you know this Person is literally possessed. I can imagine, that Artists on the Dark Side like that have to perform some type of Initiation Rituals with Satanic Experts, to CONNECT their Vessel/Body to Satan, so he can use them and affect other People’s Souls through their “Art”.

Sadly, this is the Method mostly used in the Time we live in. Even Archangel Michael, is being made Fun of in Hollywood Movies, and portrayed in confusing Ways, which is another Sign there is something boiling behind the Curtains.

When someone, on the other hand, though, is channeling LIGHT and positive, loving Energy, you will see such equaling reflection in their Eyes, like if they are emanating Light from their Eyes.

To specify even further into the Matter:

When a Person, Artist or anyone channels “the Devil”- it is in reality a Type of VAMPIRISM. When with God, loyal to God and his Laws, clean in your Heart and Soul, you do not need the Devil’s “Help” nor his Energy, nor an attack and sucking on another living Persons Energy, a competing Artist or similar. In its Basis Theory, what the Devil uses himself, is stolen Energy from Souls he tricked and blocked, to suck on their Soul-Power and Energy. He is a KEEPER OF SOULS and does not know Respect for another’s Life Force, Body, Soul, Brain, Mind, Copyrights, intellectual Property, Love, Romance or Friendship. When the Devil FALLS- he LOSES ENERGY- for he is NOT EQUAL TO GOD AND HAS ENDLESS ENERGY. So, he must steal Soul’s Lights to stay “in Power”. Anyone who channels him, is mostly NOT ORIGINAL.

My Label only allows Artists to enter, or employees, or even Business Partners to partner on a Project, when they are loyal to God. We insist on making Karma-free Business, Art, Music and Movies and channel the Archangels like Archangel Michael, instead. To get fought via hacking, was only an additional Motivation to us and to me personally. Who is Satan?

See, I know finally, God created all we see. We have a lot of Hope and Love for the Future, it is our very Nature to hope and to love and to enjoy ourselves.

More and more now, God is becoming more present than the Devil ever was, in our Sight. God has always eternally been there for us, but there seems to be a divine and miraculous Movement beginning now. People are magically awakening and seeing through Lies and Deception, within ONE DAY sometimes, like in the Arab Spring. Peace is approaching everyone within a War Zone, offering a Hug of Love and Compassion. And the Methods of Hacking, suddenly turn against the Ones, who used to abuse Spying and Hacking Methods on famous Artists, new Artists, Actors, Families mourning over a lost or passed Child, they literally gathered the Data of Billions of People living on this Planet. Of course, these types of dark Minds, always try to find someone to blame, but finally, we all know, God can exactly do these Type of things and we cannot locate, how it happened, from where, when, and so forth. That is exactly when a Human must notice, that there is a higher Intelligence at work, which we cannot grasp, but the Result, the Changes, WE CAN SEE, when manifested.

If you can call out two Teams in Pop Music, one being the Team of God, the other the Team of Satan, the approaches, Clothing designs and well as playing Methods, would be now getting closer and closer. If Satan, theoretically, would be “playing” against the Team of God, he would probably try to confuse everyone, so you don’t know anymore, who is on which Team, what their Names are, Numbers on the Team-Shirts. Then, he would tell his Team, to play similar, to copy the good Moves of the God Team. It seems quite logical too, that Satan would advise his Team to dress in Disguises of the God Team, imitate their Symbols on the God’s Team Shirts , the more he sees them losing against God’s Team and God’s Team being supported by all the Crowd growing.

Now, can you see the Parallels in modern Art today? Or even our Language, which is big Part of Music and Songwriting.

Why do People constantly in the English Language and other Languages say:

“Hot as Hell”

“What the Hell?”

“Hell yeah!”

“To Hell with that”

“Hella good etc…”


How come, it is not at least 50% of the time, like all in Duality, said like:

“Hot as Heaven”

“What the Heaven?”

“Heaven, yes!”


In many Songs today, you can hear Expressions like that. Even when somebody wants to make a Compliment to another’s Dancing let’s say, they use the Expression often: He moves like the Devil.

On the other Hand – look around  – ZERO Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel or any light Archangel’s name or Energy is being used! Instead, there is a Movie which supposedly combines Archangel Michael and the Devil, portraying Lucifer as coming to Earth in DISGUISE OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. I have never heard nor felt a darker and more insulting Idea and I find it at Times scary, to see such rude Moves against God and his Angels, in front of our all’s Eyes!

2012 was marked in many Ancient Cultures to be a very significant and evolutionary Time/Change/New Beginning. It comes as no surprise, that Evil would bloat their Chest up as much as it can, a last Time. But one thing is getting clearer, the closer we get to December 21st 2012:



A NEW BEGINNING- for Innocence.

I think we will also see much more happening in modern Pop Music, as well as Films and the whole Internet, in the next couple Years. I personally hope to see and hear more and more beautiful Artists channel their own, clean Soul, instead of the Devil. Channel Love, an Archangel of the Light, there is no Limit even to what is possible, when on God’s side.

I say:


It is God vs. the Devil in Entertainment today! And I cannot wait to see the World of Entertainment getting cleansed until it shines clean again!

2012    –   777