ARCHANGEL METATRON on Healing and Mastering the MIND 444

9 August 2011 – 1:23pm | Re-Post 2nd Jan. 2012


Dear beloved Souls of the physical Earth Plane.

I AM METATRON, speaking rarely, but when I do, it causes immediate Change and Healing. In Ancient Egypt, I have been in fact called THOTH, which is why my Energy Gate onto your Planet is located in Egypt – in the Area of Luxor/Aswan.

In the Ancient Times, there were several Evolution steps taking place, which now brought you all to this wonderful Point in time. I am absolutely proud of you, for standing up for the LIGHT and for trying your very BEST to rise and rise IN LOVE.

My dear Archangel Michael has explained to you before, how the CONNECTING & BRIDGING to Heaven works. 11:11:11 is approaching. I am always here to help, anytime, any place.

I AM THE MASTER OF THE THOUGHT- and I see all you feel, think and send out to the People around you and the Universe. This is what is healing now- YOUR MINDS- all together.

As you can imagine, when you have dirt sitting inside a Glass of pure Water, you need to loosen the dirt first, let it flow up to the surface, and then cleanse it away, so the Water becomes pure and clean. Can you imagine, how CRYSTAL CLEAR your Sight is when pure? Go through this challenge, see it as an adventure, have fun, my dear Ones, for all you feel while this Cleansing is happening is partially illusion, fears and old blockages loosening up and shaking up and then dissolving into THE LIGHT. Do not stop in the middle of the Path- KEEP GOING AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE OF LOVE!

When you master your Thoughts, your very core Mind, you will be surprised to realize, that you already ascended. Ascension is NOT about physical ascension, although it can happen to some who are simply ready to continue to the next Life form – as it always has been the Rule of God’s Creation: Life never stops- it always continues, eternally.

The mass Ascension taking place on the physical Earth Plane now, is generally speaking an Ascension of your Hearts and Minds, your very SOUL. You were never meant to be disconnected from God, his Angels and the Heavens. God created each of you with a Cord, always connected to the Creator himself.

I would also like to speak about something that is very dear and important to me: MOTHER NATURE.

The Planet you live on, has went through a lot of hardships: Dirty technology polluting the air and ground itself, mass negative energy which burdened the whole Energy field of Nature surrounding all of you. And also, a lot of Sadness and Helplessness created by the Oppression of WOMEN.

Mother Nature is like a Woman, and it is MY WOMAN. I have the power to support Mother Nature in her upliftment, healing and new freedom.

Sometimes, I see some of you worry due to Natural Changes taking place like Earth Quakes, heavy Rains and Floods and HUMAN TECHNOLOGY FAILING.

This all is happening to show you clearly, what Mother Nature needs and what does no longer fit into the New Energies. It is a Cleansing of Nature itself, the whole Planet you walk on. A Change and Healing, commanded by God.

And now, I ask each of you who is willing by free will and with an open Heart, to GIVE LOVE TO MOTHER NATURE. Go out, take a walk, embrace a beautiful Tree, connect with it. Talk with it. Feel it. It can even help you to get rid of negative energy, AND, renew yourself and TANK POSITIVE ENERGY. Just let all Energy which no longer serves you flow out through your Feet into the Ground, while you hug your favorite Tree, and receive through your Hands touching it and Heart gently pressed onto the Tree, LOVE & LIGHT & Natural Positive Energy.

Try to spend as much time as you can outdoors, breathing fresh air, cleansing yourself, and with you parallel Nature and all her Inhabitants. You may put your Hands, after your Tree Meditation, onto any green Ground, and send Wishes of Love, Thankfulness and Healing through the Ground. Imagine LIGHT, Bright, Bright LIGHT flowing through your Hands into Trees, Flowers, Stones and all Nature around you- touch Mother Nature with Hands of LOVE. Look at MOTHER NATURE like a good friend of yours- or a MOTHER.

This will help and support your all Ascension and manifest Healing quicker.

I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON AND I AM THE ULTIMATE MASTER OF THE MIND. Call on me anytime, when your Thoughts are swirling around uncontrolled or whenever anyone else, or any thing, is confusing your positive thinking. I can help you cleanse your very core Mind, so only LOVE & LIGHT resides within your Body, Mind & Soul.

I love you more than your human words could ever express.

This Text can be distributed with Credit for the Channeled Work to Susan Elsa, Archangel Michael & ARCHANGEL METATRON.

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