1st May 2010: Elvis appears to IsIs and shows her his Arrival



May 1st 2010:

After having carefully developed and created a way to integrate Spirituality into Art & Entertainment, I called it Spiritual Entertainment, something I worked on for a long Time if not all my Life. Mostly-the Beginning Steps are about CHANNELING MUSIC. I had even already published my Channeled Pop Music Debut, when something very mysterious took Place.

Focused on Business, working my Day as usual, I was shocked when suddenly the famous “King” appeared, right from the Heavenly Gate above me during a Business Phone Conversation-completely sudden and I was totally unprepared!

Elvis got to the point right away and seemed to know exactly what I had been preparing- asking me strong mindedly to help him reveal his Truth and real Spiritual Side to the World. He had planned this step before his “Passing” and I immediately said “YES, OF COURSE ELVIS!”, in Happy Tears of how young and rejuvenated he looked- simply amazing. Elvis wishes that the World would finally understand him!

What then took Place, is too miraculous to describe perfectly by the limited human Word:

“All of a sudden, I see a LIGHT coming into my Living Room. Slowly a heavenly Gate manifests, above me, seemingly far but still very close. Elvis connected directly to my Heart. Then, an extreme Feeling started grabbing me and I FELT ELVIS HEART- releasing EVERYTHING the physical Earth had done to his pure, sweet Soul. Rising and rising on the Heavenly Stairway, he then was greeted by a Woman I don’t know. Pure Happiness filled the Air- I have rarely felt such Intensity. Elvis ascended! On the Rise he got lighter and lighter, and parallel, I still see the Heavenly Gate and this seemingly older Woman. All of sudden I realize, that this is HIS MOTHER HE LOVES SO MUCH! Awaiting and welcoming Elvis into Heaven herself. Immediately Happy Tears flow down my Cheeks, and I am completely connected to his Happiness and unconditional LOVE. I hold my Hands up in a “Prayer Position” and thank GOD, from my Heart and Soul, in the most honest, compassionate Way, for making Elvis HAPPY.”

As I am writing this Account, I almost can’t keep up with what he dictates to me to write and what he says, he really does not like to waste “time” nor “words” and knows exactly what he wants. He smiles as I am writing down the first Words for him. Elvis has been a shy Personality, and I speak directly of how I perceived it, the Way he asked for it.

Anyone which really knew Elvis, he says, will immediately understand that if he had a Chance to be the first Person in modern Times, to give a first-hand Account of the Afterlife/Heaven, he would want to be the first One. And so it is.

GOD IS LOVE. GOOD SOULS LIVE FOREVER, and through Elvis we can learn ONCE MORE, that our BELOVED NEVER LEAVE US. 777


Note: Of course, Elvis asked IsIs-Susan, to channel directly Songs for him and write them WITH HIM, Ghost and physical Human together, but after the Songs were channeled and Business Communications went on through Phone, Internet, Skype, and E-mail INTERNALLY, serious and repeated Computer Hacking of Mystery Garden Productions Computers, as well as Susan’s private Computers, made LOTS of Questions arise (See ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 Songs, released July 13th 2010 in the midst of the Hacking), and the Release of channeled Rock&Roll Songs, written by Elvis, has been postponed for now. The Truth will prevail, and IsIs promised Elvis to do it, so it will be done! Stay tuned!

Susan Elsa’s CHANNELED Spiritual Pop Debut- April 14th 2010 (her very own Birthday)

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