IsIs – a human Story

Dear Readers

I have thought a long time about this Message, and searched through different Ways and Possibilities, trying to find the best Way to say such a seemingly simple thing. But finally, I came to the conclusion, that no matter what you say, and especially know inside, feel or think, OTHERS cannot see through your Eyes.

In Ancient Egypt, we used to take advantage of our Heart, our Intuition, to differentiate between Lie and Truth. Today, still some People by pure Human Nature still do it the Ancient Egyptian way, but many have forgotten to listen to their inner Voice.

Now, let us use our Fantasy if you don’t mind: If IsIs were to be here today, who would she be? How would she behave, talk, walk and look?

Ancient Egypt was a different Time. When one spoke in form of Poetry in very dramatic Ways, let’s say, it was considered “normal”. Kinda like People talk in old Theatre Pieces. Or if someone claimed to know or practise Magic, it was believed to be true without hesitation mostly.

Today, we live in a completely different World. For detecting Lies, we do not use magical Skills nor any spiritual Skills no more, most of us, but we use Devices and Machines. If we would like to see a good friend of ours, we do not connect via telepathy and meet up somewhere all aware and knowing of the mind-connection that happened, we use a Telephone.

In fact, we have so much Technology, Book Stores & Libraries, Science, mobile Phones and now also the Internet, that it is not too far fetched to say, we almost completely lost our 6th Sense- how could we not, if we do not even use our other Senses much today. Technology does more and more for us. We don’t remember daily things even, how could we grasp a Memory of a Past Life?

Even the Soul itself is subject of much debates, which the Pharaos could not even IMAGINE! The Soul was and is simply everything for them. Their whole Life on Earth, they believed to be preparing only for the Afterlife, which is eternal compared to temporary and mortal earthly Life.  And because they believed and focused so much Energy on this goal, they were able to find out Secrets of Life, the Afterlife, up until even figuring out HOW to consciously come back after dying into a new life, being born as a Baby again. The two other Options were always thought to be either Death of the Soul, which was seen as the most horrible Outcome of all, or the Best Outcome, activating the Soul’s Lightbody, which cannot die, nor get sick, nor even get injured in any Way.

What many today do not know or fully understand, is that the Factor which “eats” the Soul in the worst Outcome Option is the so-called Still-Heart of Osiris. As the Title says, this has literally to do with Osiris heart standing still-when he got killed by Seth, being a good and innocent Man, for nothing, out of pure Jealousy. This made him in the Afterworld become a Judge, as a form of Compensation from God, besides other secret Incidents we won’t mention here.

Oh, if you knew, all the things IsIs had to go through! And IsIs was a human Being, made of Flesh and Blood, in Ancient Egypt. Not some mythological, winged Being like it is being told today. And she was very much IN LOVE.

Now, let’s go back to 2011/2012.

Today, we even have so-called “Therapists” People go to, when someone they love dies, because they are so burdened and feel lost. We pay these other human Beings, who are exactly like us, lots of Money, we trust them and give them Control over our Health by letting them give us Medicine, Pills and other human-made Healing “Tools”. We stopped believing in eternal Life and our very Soul….so much, we can’t even believe anymore there is anything coming ahead, any Hope for our deepest Desires and Dreams being true and real.

The reflection is seen everywhere, in News, Movies, Pop Music, Politics, the Economy, Relationships between People, may they be romantic, in Friendships or inter-& multi-culturally. This again, makes it harder for all of us to remember who we truly are, to stay in connection with our inner core and Voice, to even FEEL our own Soul. We focus so much on other things, that it becomes far-distant and unimportant.

So, in all of this, let us say, in the middle of Los Angeles, where Life has a very fast pace and People drive up and down the long Streets of Hollywood and others push their shopping carts filled with their belongings through to a bus station, a Woman appears. This Woman looks like a normal human Being, wears common, modern Clothes and talks English, besides other modern Languages. She looks a little Egyptian, somehow, a lot, but then again, she could also be from Latin America, Spain, Greece or Italy.

All outer Qualities, which tell us still nothing about the Person inside, likes and dislikes or even and especially the SOUL.

If we reflect honest about this Situation, we can only reach one Conclusion:

If IsIs were to come back here, on Earth, today in our Time, People would definitely not even recognize her. She would say to them, out loud and in disbelief:

Mystery Woman
Mystery Woman


I am here again as I said I will



And People would stare at her, thinking, oh my, what a nut case!

And if she would remain silent rather, and travel to the original Lands of Egypt today, and spin a huge Magic Spell, that the whole World sees (like for example, influencing the Mind of Millions of Tunisians & Egyptians to rise up), you would still not know, it was IsIs.

Because Magic cannot be seen with the physical Eyes.

Because, you don’t remember IsIs anymore.

Because, so many People talked about IsIs and in her Name, changed her Name thousands of Times, you don’t know anymore what is right and what is wrong and especially WHO IS WHO.

Because, the mysterious IsIs would perform her Skills right in front of your Eyes and still, remain in the “Dark”, trying to help and assist- if IsIs were to be back on Earth.

Because, even as a human Being, a Woman made out of Flesh, you would still have to take a look with YOUR HEART to see behind the physical Illusion and recognize the SOUL OF ISIS, in a new Body.


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